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Halloween Make-Up - All Things Glitter, Sequins and Jewels

This year has seen everything that glitters and sparkles. With the rise of brands such as, The Gypsy Shrine, people have been going crazy over be-jeweled and sequin designs on their faces and body. Missguided and Superdrug sell The Gypsy Shrine pre-designed templates for £8-12, but Primark sell a similar version for £1.50 so for one night is paying the extra really worth it? I tried it out. 
A few weeks earlier, I attended a carnival event where I first tried out a sequin design, I went for a turquoise blue mixed with silver. I used hair gel to prime the area around my eye,  you need to get the balance in size, not too big but definitely go right to the start of your hair line and try to shape it around you eye. You then use a paintbrush to dab on larger sequins of the dominant colour, so for me, blue. You then add some smaller sequins and then glitter using the same dabbing technique, gradually building up the layers and introducing the silver colour towards the end. To keep the sequi…

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